Archna Singh – Wildlife Photographer

I first learnt about Ability Physiotherapy Clinic sometime in 2012, when a tennis elbow had me in excruciating pain. After visiting several doctors to no avail, a dear friend recommended Dr. Chandan Chawla. That was the beginning of a long and healing relationship, that fixed me in a few weeks’ time.

Keshav Sharma – Parkour Coach

How has our treatment/advice benefitted you?  It has literally changed my life. When I visited the clinic for the first time, I had an extremely stiff back and I was bed ridden for a month. There is a de-generative tissue in my back and very few people gave me any chance of being active again.

Poonam Ghai

One of the times when I especially remember and bless Dr Chawla is when the lift of my building doesn’t work and I am easily able to climb the stairs to my flat on the 5th floor. This is a huge change from the time I started visiting the Ability Physiotherapy clinic almost 5 years ago. At that time, I was experiencing increasing stiffness, loss of strength and balance.

Aakash Chopra – Ex Cricketer, Cricketer Analyst and Commentator

I was fortunate to get in touch with Dr. Chandan Chawla in 2003, right after my knee surgery. I was prescribed an intensive rehabilitation post the ACL surgery and the search for a sports physiotherapist got me to Ability Physiotherapy Clinic. Dr. Chawla worked really hard with me for the entire duration of my rehab and we managed to achieve goals in 4 months that everyone thought would’ve taken 6-9 months.

Shubh Mangal – Sports Enthusiast

After struggling with a chronicle Patella tendon pain for over 2 years and seen many physiotherapists, doctors and surgeons, I had decided to quit playing recreational Squash for good. And just then I was introduced to Dr Chandan Chawla in April of 2017. He was able to draw up my detailed treatment plan by doing in depth assessment which included going back to my fitness and medical history along with physical examination.