Ease of Appointment

Appointment Information

When is the best time to start physiotherapy?

In general starting physiotherapy should be done as early as possible. Initiating physiotherapy early on will reduce the overall treatment time that you will require by not allowing the problem to become chronic. If you are in pain and or you are in an acute state, your program will be modified according to your signs and symptoms. What is done for you in physiotherapy depends on the clinical stage you are presently in, not just the diagnosis. Therefore, your care will be modified according to the signs and symptoms during the acute, subacute, and chronic phases of your problem.

The purpose this section is to familiarise you with our Appointment System. However, if you have a question of a more immediate nature, please call us at our clinic numbers .

Ease of Clinic Appointment

To support our patients, we have implemented multiple ways of taking appointments with us. You may submit a request for appointment through our website or contact us through a phone call/sms/whats app/facebook. In all the cases, our team will get back to you with appropriate time-slot available. You may also walk-in to us and our team of highly skilled physiotherapists will attend you.

Once appointment request is received, our Whatsapp Communication System gets implemented.

We do not believe in bothering our patients with multiples messages/phone calls however keeping in mind the paucity of time and criticality of each therapy slot available, we would send following relevant messages to you.

Appointment Confirmation Whatsapp– A SMS will be sent to you at the time of confirming your appointment.
Reminder Whatsapp– A reminder SMS will be sent to you on the date of your appointment.
Reschedule/Cancellation Whatsapp– We request you to notify us at least 24 hour prior to your scheduled appointment time in case you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Subsequently, you need to raise a new appointment request through website/telephone and time slot shall be allocated depending upon availability.

No-Show Policy :

We realize that emergencies and other scheduling conflicts arise and are sometimes unavoidable, however, advance notification allows us to fulfill other patient’s scheduling needs and keeps the clinic operating at is most efficient level. Due to our one-on-one treatments, missed appointments are a significant inconvenience to your physical therapy, the clinic and other patients.

1. Please provide our office with 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. Patients who do not attend a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24-hour notice to change a scheduled appointment will be responsible for a 50% of prescribed session charge. This charge must be paid on or before the next scheduled appointment and in case of advance payments this charge will be adjusted from the existing credit.

2. 24-hour notice allows us to place another patient in your cancelled appointment period to receive needed treatment.

3. Your treatment plan has been established by us with a goal to get you back to your regular activities as quickly as possible. Missing appointments hinders that process and may end up prolonging recovery.

We take these policies seriously because when a patient misses an appointment, three people are adversely affected:

1. You, the patient – for not receiving the treatment you need
2. Your therapist – as now he or she has a gap in the schedule
3. Another patient – who could have had your appointment time