How we work

How We Work


Detailed Clinical Evaluation

One to one consultation with the physiotherapist to evaluate and understand your problem and suggest a personalised plan to achieve treatment goals. At Ability, we are experts at musculoskeletal and neurological assessment and diagnosis. Our team has in-depth experience and knowledge in the domain of injury and spinal pain. During your visit with us, expect to be educated about your problem and its relevance to your day to day interests and activities.


Your first physiotherapy session

Based on your clinical evaluation and relevant investigations (if required) your first treatment session can happen on the same day or as per your convenience on a future date. Your treatment session will be approximately 45 to 60 minutes, and will include necessary exercise therapy, manual therapy and electrotherapy. Expect to be given an exercise plan to be followed at home and advise on precautions and day to day activities. You will also be suitably advised on any needful supports or exercise equipment and the same is available at our facility.


Follow-up sessions

The number of sessions you require will depend on your individualised treatment plan. Together we will decide the most appropriate approach for you and our friendly office staff will set you up with your following visits. Some patients will benefit from regular treatments in our treatment area for the initial healing period whilst others will do better with a more independent approach of practicing specially designed exercises at home. Based on your clinical conditions, your follow-up sessions will also include re-evaluations and discussions on progress. For suitable patients we are also equipped to provide physiotherapy services at home.


Knowledge & Empowerment

We believe knowledge is power. We are a team and our knowledge is yours. For all of us understanding our bodies empowers us in times of pain and agony. At Ability we strongly believe in educating you about your problem which will answer all the questions.



At the culmination of your treatment sessions we will suggest you a regular exercise plan that will ensure to minimize any recurrences of your existing problem and prevent any other musculoskeletal problems. Thousands of our patients have stayed pain free by adhering to these plans.